domingo, 30 de noviembre de 2008

mi playlist ahorita

mi ipod está muerto, pero en mi itunes tengo un mini playlist :

viva la vida- coldplay
human - the killers
all these things that i've done - the killers
for reasons unknown - the killers
bling (confessions of a king) - the killers
shadowplay - joy division
electric feel - MGMT
time to pretend - MGMT
handlebars - flobots
paper planes - MIA
here in your arms - hellogoodbye
church of hot addiction - cobra starship
the city is at war - cobra starship
disturbia - rihanna
what ever happened - the strokes
juicebox - the strokes
vertigo - U2
turning japanese - the vapors
gronlandic edit - of montreal
this is not the end - the bravery
an honest mistake - the bravery
believe - the bravery

1 comentario:

luis.artnulfo dijo...

flobots tiene rolas más perras ademas de handlebars, te recomiendo que escuches "theres a war going on for your mind", "rise" y "stand up"